Lunch Break Links: The unofficial Lost viral video

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Columbus Alive

Lost isn't on this week, but in its absence, fans can geek out over the above video, which Internet speculation suggests may have something to do with the show. Lost's showrunner says otherwise. And what about this J.J. Abrams magazine puzzle?

In honor of sorta-supergroup Tinted Windows, Idolator asks: Who would form your powerpop Voltron?

They also deride Eminem for never having any good album covers, although I think they're being too hard on him. That new Relapse art is pretty awful, though.

The Department of Homeland Security actually cited Jack Bauer to defend the use of torture.

Check out this cool state-by-state photography series called the 50 States Project. No, it's not affiliated with that quitter Sufjan Stevens.

If Susan Boyle gets a makeover, should we care?

Pitchfork's latest 5-10-15-20 feature is with Dan Deacon.

AV Club interviews Metallica's Kirk Hammett.

The Cure will stream an entire concert on MySpace.

The Fader has a Coachella 2009 slideshow.

Lil Wayne: Still blogging for ESPN.

Lauren Conrad required an acting coach to guest on Family Guy.

Could The La's be planning an album with Pete Doherty?

Lastly, I'ma show you the latest video from The Lonely Island. It's called "Like a Boss," and it may be my favorite thing they've done.