Local Love: Psychedelic Horseshit

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Artist: Psychedelic Horseshit Song: "Tropical Vision" (edit)

"I don't need no waves," are the first words out of Matt Whitehurst's mouth on his band's first publicly distributed new music in more than a year, recently posted to the band's MySpace page in place of the trio of album tracks that had been gathering dust there. Despite the island theme and trippy, bottom-of-the-ocean sonics of the bass-led "Tropical Vision," he might actually be saying "I don't need no WAVVES."

You see, Whitehurst and his bandmates were up to their usual smack-talking ways during a marathon run of official and unofficial shows at Austin's SXSW. The band's latest target was WAVVES, the one-man lo-fi band featuring fresh-faced San Diego lad Nathan Williams. Horseshit donned "WAVVES SUXX" T-shirts throughout the week, even unknowingly posing for a photo-op with a delighted Williams. (See the above photo from theivorytower.)

That week, Whitehurst ran his mouth quite a bit in an expletive- and insult-laden interview with The Washington Post, deriding WAVVES, No Age, TV on the Radio and other blogger favorites while cheerleading his pals in Times New Viking. The interview didn't generate much Internet chatter until a month later, when hipster tastemakers Brooklyn Vegan and Stereogum reposted it.

So by tearing down a lot of musicians that don't sound that much different from his own band, Whitehurst is getting exactly what he wants: attention. It's a shame he had to do it this way because despite the slew of "this band sucks" comments on those blogs, the guy is a talented songwriter who deserves to be heard outside the handful of Terminal Boredom readers that worship at his feet.

Anyhow, the band is in the thick of a prolific 2009 release schedule that began with Golden Oldies, a 12-inch vinyl compilation of their early paper-sleeve CD-R singles. Per a MySpace blog post from late January, here's the new stuff they've got coming out throughout the rest of the year:

---SHITGAZE ANTHEMS 12" EP (woodsist) 6 songs out spring 2009 ---ACID TEST 12" EP (troubleman unltd.) 7 jams out late spring/early sum 09 ---BEACHED WAILS 7" (cdr singles club) 3 songs surprise release date! ---TOO MANY HITS LP (siltbreeze) second full length out late summer 09