Local Love: Time and Temperature

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Time and Temperature Song: (Who knows?)

Val Glenn is admittedly "elusive." The local singer-songwriter, who performs under the name Time and Temperature, releases her music on limited edition cassettes and demo CDs, plays mostly underpromoted shows at DIY spaces and dive bars, and even deleted her MySpace page a couple years ago. It's finally back online, and if you can get any of the songs on it to load, more power to ya.

On one hand, I love that Glenn isn't out to sell her music. She just plays and records whenever she finds the time or inspiration, and the results are stunning and unforced. Only the best songwriters can make the overdone woman-and-guitar trope sound fresh, and few are as naturally gifted at it as Glenn.

That's why I'm conflicted. It's cool that Time and Temperature is the special secret of an elite corps of Columbus music fans, but sometimes I wish more folks were in on it. She deserves every ear she can get.

Time and Temperature will perform a few hours from now at The Shelf, 57 E. Gay St., 4th floor. Jordan O'Jordan, Dave End and Jordan Martin are playing too. Music begins at 8 p.m. sharp.