What To Do Thursday: Wake up to Beaten Awake

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Do you know Beaten Awake? If not, tonight is your chance. The Kent quartet (who are maybe only a trio now?) will be playing at The Treehouse, 887 Chambers Rd., for a mere $5. For no additional cost, you get Brainbow, Fey Gods and Chris Burney — a rightly diverse and qualitative lineup of rockers, to be sure.

If you do know the band, you understand how wonderful it is that they're finally returning to Columbus after a nearly two-year absence. Here's how I previewed the show in last week's paper:

"One of the great musical injustices of the past few years was the relative silence that greeted Beaten Awake’s 2006 debut, Let’s Get Simplified. The set of drunken lullabies and stubble-chinned anthems was among the decade’s most stirring indie rock releases, the sound of Kent’s hardcore heroes settling into a nostalgic haze of rejoicing and regret. Thankfully, somebody was listening after all. Fat Possum Records, home of Heartless Bastards, Andrew Bird and Dinosaur Jr., recently released Beaten Awake’s second record, a 7-inch single called 'Coming Home' that captures the essence of the band’s debut while dousing the sound in electric keyboards."

So yeah, get to the show tonight and pick up everything they have to sell. These guys are one of Ohio's best bands, and you ought not to sleep on them.