Lunch Break Links: Megan Fox, Alec Baldwin, Dirty Projectors

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Columbus Alive

PopWatch has the (NSFW) red-band trailer for Jennifer's Body, the new Diablo Cody movie starring Megan Fox as a "demon-posessed high school cheerleader on a male killing spree."

Alec Baldwin is seriously considering running for Congress.

Pitchfork has an interview with dem Dirty Projectors.

Stereogum has a new track from The Almighty Defenders, an on-the-fly collaboration between Black Lips, King Khan and Mark Sultan from when the Lips were holed up at Khan's place in Berlin after fleeing India.

The RIAA's ongoing quest to make an example out of downloadin' mom Jammie Thomas-Rasset is getting really disgusting.

PopMatters reviews a new documentary on "homohop."

On the day of Michael Jackson's funeral, The New York Times looks back 32 years to Elvis Presley's memorial service.

Slate tackles two movie trends: blowing up national monuments and evil, homicidal kids.

The Killers are working on a covers album.

Ain't It Cool News discusses what's next for Zach Galifianakis.

ABC shows are now on Hulu.

AV Club has an excerpt from staff writer Nathan Rabin's new memoir, The Big Rewind.

We wrap up with Fever Ray's video for "Triangle Walks."