What To Do Tuesday: Winter Makes Sailors & Chris Bell

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Winter Makes Sailors will appear in full-band form at Saturday's Here Comes Your Weekend Parking Lot Blowout, but tonight offers a chance to see Sean Gardner's most intimate project in its usual, stripped-down state. Gardner treads all sorts of musical territory in his various projects, from the bombastic indie rock of Bookmobile and The Kyle Sowashes to the electronics-infused grandeur of Melty Melty and The Receiver, and he used to play in art-punk powerhouses Denovo and Kopaz. But out of all his many guises, I think the quiet, personal moments he captures in Winter Makes Sailors are my favorite thing he's done.

Gardner will join Jamestown, New York's sample-looping, viola-wielding Chris Bell (not to be confused with the late Big Star founder) for an 8 p.m. gig at Victorian's Midnight Cafe, 251 W. 5th Ave. Bell is touring by bicycle, so be sure to buy whatever merch he brings so he can pay for some proper nourishment — he'll spend the next two days riding to Richmond, Indiana.