Concert review: Burglar, The Town Monster, Jellyhearts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Went to see a trio of local bands last Wednesday at Circus. Got some thoughts about 'em too.

Burglar, The Town Monster, Jellyhearts @ Circus I walked in to witness the Jellyhearts bashing away at their no-holds-barred blues punk. Reba Con Queso provides the unbounded spark through often-atonal guitar and down-home vocals, while Miz Lor'n (aka Lauren from Rosehips) anchors the entire enterprise with fury and precision — or at least more precision than her partner brings to the table. Their big ball of thrashing soul noise is a whole lot of fun, though I rarely find myself sticking around for a full set.

Next up was The Town Monster, a new local indie rock crew that split the difference between the hyperkinetic ritalin rock of Muse and the bubbling cauldron of dreary euphoria that is Sunset Rubdown. They sometimes operated as a trio, even ditching guitars completely for a drums-bass-keys arrangement at times, but they also welcomed a trumpet player on stage to spice up the sound. Some of it was good songs; some merely good ideas. I'd like to hear them again after they gel a bit more.

The night's headliner was Burglar, a unique ensemble that reminds me of some vaguely classy, vaguely trashy European cabaret act. I definitely dig what they were doing, from Meghan Alexander's tambourine sashays to drummer Adam Scoppa's turn on the microphone for a finger-snapping a cappella ditty. But they too were pretty sloppy, thanks in no small part to a guitar that was too loud and way out of tune. I also heard someone from the band mention they'd all had a bit too much to drink while awaiting their late-night set. Whatever the case, I'm sure their highly promising project will be a winner — a pleasant anomaly on the local music radar, at least — if they can tighten up a bit.