Lunch Break Links: NIN, Beck, online radio

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Columbus Alive

Nine Inch Nails have announced one final tour before going on indefinite hiatus.

Beck has launched an interview series called Irrelevant Topics. His first conversation partner is Tom Waits.

Internet radio may be saved after the stations and the RIAA came to an agreement on royalties.

I wonder why Sacha Baron Cohen went on Letterman as himself instead of in character as Bruno. (He did appear as Borat back in 2006.)

Pitchfork has an interview with rising Atlanta rapper Playboy Tre.

MSNBC reports on "the albums artists don't want you to hear."

Slate remembers "wonderfully absurd escapes from mortal danger in the original G.I. Joe cartoon.

Colbie Caillat will be drawn into an upcoming Archie comic book.

Half of Panic! at the Disco quit, including the band's primary songwriter.

They really are making a MacGruber movie. D'oh.

I enjoy listening to Samuel L. Jackson explain which words he dubs in to replace curse words on network TV.

EW has a rundown of the latest snippets of Lost news for obsessives like me.

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the iTunes App Store.

30 Rock reruns are already going into syndication.

Last on our agenda for this here roundup is Blitzen Trapper's new video for "Black River Killer."