Lunch Break Links: JT as Green Lantern?

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Also from Idolator: Brandy may or may not have been dropped by her label, but her new single is the jam.

I never thought I would encounter a blink-182 remix of Peter Bjorn and John.

Dan Deacon: Not on acid, just crazy.

Slate explains why Bruno is good for gays and explains the real reason we find Sacha Baron Cohen funny.

EW thinks calling Michael Jackson an "icon" is going too far.

The Moneyball movie may not be dead after all.

Brian Eno explains the difference between genius and "scenius."

The star of Napoleon Dynamite is getting his own sitcom on Comedy Central, produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay.

How is it possible that Jim Carrey is about to be a grandfather?

Lastly, what better way to cap of Friday's links than with Calvin Harris' new video for "Ready for the Weekend"? Enjoy!