Public Friends & Enemies

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Ying's is one of the cleanest mom-n-pop's out there -- & one of the cheapest! And this meal was the springboard to an overall supervalued evening. The soup is peppery, not too viscously cornstarched & only $1.50; the chix/broc. is above average, filling, healthy & feeds two for an absurdly cheap $7.50; & oh, those buttery, buttery, delicate cookies! They look like doughnuts in the pic, but they're even better -- & come free post-meal! Afterward, I went down to the North Market Ohio Winefest and served Buckeye wine to the public, making new friends & getting impressed w/a very diverse crowd of adventurous imbibers. For volunteering (you should try it) the generous market folks gave me a fistful of wine sip tickets which I used wisely (some would say TOO wisely --or in fact NOT wisely at all) ) & therefore spent $0.00. With a full head of steam, I decided not to waste the free buzz, so I zipped off to Studio 35 to see Public Enemies and drink pints of beer (not free but fair). PE is the kind of film where when a fated to be tragic couple meets in the beginning, a winsomely sad song plays--& that song must come up again at the tragic end. Still, loved the movie's wry commentary on cinema & a forever changing America. Shot on superduper video, it has an immediacy, look, rhythm and harsh feel much more like those Dogma 95 agitators' works than the classic black & white gangster movies it can't help but allude to (Dillinger was killed exiting a cops-robbers-y filck & PE makes sure to underline that fact).