Lunch Break Links: Strokes, Clap Your Hands solo projects

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Columbus Alive

The singers from The Strokes and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are putting out solo albums.

AV Club has an interview with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter.

Jennifer Garner could be coming back to ABC, the network that launched her to stardom with Alias.

Are record labels intentionally killing the CD to make way for digital sales?

TV Guide has an interview with Titus Welliver, the guy who played the mysterious man in black in the Lost season finale.

Also: Did some dude come up with Lost in 1977? He thinks so.

Slate covers the biggest best-seller that hasn't been turned into a movie yet.

ESPN's new ombudsmen is the guy who fired Norm Macdonald from SNL.

Lastly, I appreciate that The Killers worked with UNICEF and MTV EXIT to raise awareness about sex slavery in their new video for "Goodnight, Travel Well." Per Idolator: "The clip starts off seeming like it’s portraying two young lovers meeting in a splashy hotel, then pulls back the curtain further and further to reveal the squalid, horrific conditions that brought one-half of the couple to the rendezvous point." Watch it below.