Lunch Break Links: Gumby dies, Futurama errs

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Columbus Alive

Dallas McKennon, the voice of Gumby, is dead. R.I.P.

So is broadcasting legend Walter Cronkite, who apparently was a funky drummer.

Due to budgetary concerns, the new episodes of Futurama will not feature the original voice cast. Boo-urns!

EW compiles 15 must-answer questions as Lost writers conceive their sixth and final season.

AV Club lists 21 artists who changed mainstream comics, for better or worse.

I don't think I could see Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi starring in a sitcom.

At The Daily Swarm, you can watch something called "Glenn Beck's Twilight vampire metal mix."

Speaking of Twilight, could Thom Yorke contribute music to the sequel?

And speaking of Yorke, here's video of him performing another new song, "The Present Tense," live at the Latitude Festival.