Lunch Break Links: Juggalos, R. Kelly's house

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Columbus Alive

The Daily Swarm recommends we all watch the above infomercial for the Gathering of the Juggalos. "It's like when Muslims visit the holy land of Mecca." Watch out for NSFW content and culture shock.

Decider Chicago took a visit to R. Kelly's house.

PopWatch reports that ABC is launching its very own Lost University. Sign me up!

The Washington Post considers the ethics of watching the Erin Andrews peephole video.

Which TV episodes were submitted for Emmy consideration?

I also enjoyed Pitchfork's latest Poptimist column about the end of the "monoculture" and how that affects the way we intake music. Not new ideas, but well-put.

CNN wonders why TV networks are running so many reality shows about fat people.

Paste's interview with Emma Watson is worth a read.

What's all this about iPods bursting into flames?

The LA Times compares Leno->Conan to Cronkite->Rather.

Lastly, Kid Cudi's new video has been renamed from "I Poke Her Face" to the more radio-friendly "Make Her Say." The Lady Gaga-sampling hook still says "I poke her face," though, so the face-poking lobby should chill out. Kanye West guests. Really enjoying this one.