Lunch Break Links: Kid Cudi, David Byrne vs. U2

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Columbus Alive

Cleveland native Kid Cudi will star in an HBO series called How To Make It In America.

David Byrne called out U2 about the tension between their indulgent world tours and the humanitarian ethic they supposedly symbolize.

Slate wonders why all the sensitive vampires of Twilight and True Blood don't sink their teeth into anybody.

Will Jay Leno's new show become a powerhouse?

All the songs on the new Mountain Goats album are named after Bible verses.

Gary Oldman says the next Batman movie will shoot next year. By the way, I don't think I trust Eddie Murphy to play The Riddler, so hopefully that rumor is false.

Interested in a pair of autographed Hammer pants?

AV Club has an interview with Eric Bana.

Leslie Mann: ultimate late night talk show guest?

Lastly, here's footage of The Jesus Lizard playing "Nub" at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival.