Local Love: The Slide Machine

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sadly, tomorrow marks the end of The Slide Machine, one of the most promising bands in Columbus but also one of the most frustratingly fickle.

Thanks to the restless creativity of frontman Jeff Kleinman and drummer Mark Himmel, they never stuck to a set of songs for very long before getting bored and trying something new. By the time they had recordings ready for release, they never seemed to represent The Slide Machine's latest mutation. Thus, hours of unreleased Slide Machine recordings languish in the band's vaults, hopefully to be released for free some day on the internet. (Hint, hint!)

The one era that did yield some official tracks is the 2007-08 stretch bolstered by bassist Nick Tolford. "The Mirage" and "Sundown" appeared on a 7-inch, while today's featured song, "2000 Czech Crown," was included on last year's Alive Amplified compilation. Although John Ross pointed out a distinct resemblance to a King Crimson song I'm not familiar with — when I asked him about it, Himmel agreed, with a guilty grin — it's long been one of my favorite Columbus songs, thanks in no small part to its emphatic climax: "One, two, oh my god!!!!"

They probably won't play that song tomorrow at their farewell show, but don't let that stop you from coming out to Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., for one last go-round. Churches Burn, Beast in the Field and Deerhead will play too. Oh, and be sure to read my feature on their breakup in this week's paper.