Lunch Break Links: Drake, Judd Apatow, Rockford Files

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Columbus Alive

If Drake is hip-hop royalty right now, why is he going back to doing Canadian sitcoms?

AV Club has an interview with Judd Apatow.

NBC is remaking The Rockford Files. Why do they keep recycling old ideas? Haven't they seen which shows become breakout hits?

The LA Times caught up with Mad Men's Jon Hamm at TV's press tour.

Mashable tells us what Twitter and Facebook can learn from Phish.

Idolator recommends The Houston Press' extensive feature on Mike Jones.

Stephen Colbert wants J.D. Salinger to come on his show.

I'm starting to feel really bad for Erin Andrews, even though she is a successful, attractive female sports reporter.

Andrews' employer, ESPN, lists the worst athlete/musician lyrics of all time.

Rhapsody is streaming the new album from Julian Plenti, aka Interpol frontman Paul Banks.

Lastly, David Letterman reeeeeeally enjoyed Silversun Pickups' performance of "Panic Switch" on The Late Show. (Side note: I interviewed singer Brian Aubert the day before this show, and he was talking about how tough it was to cut two minutes out of a nearly six-minute song, but they did a pretty good job of it, methinks.)