More Restaurant Week On the Cheap: Surly Girl Saloon

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Surly Girl Saloon is offering dinner for 2 for $30 during Restaurant Week. Here's what that price buys you:

A sort of sweet & spicy/southwest/oriental salad made w/ nicely seasoned salmon & served w/ stout, warm, basil scented bread--fresh, filling, flavorful & even healthy!

Not quite as physically healthy as the salmon, but maybe making up for it in the mentally heahthy, comforting dept. is the Girl's other RW enrtee, the cajun meatloaf dinner.

Not pictured, but included in the deal were: a shared appetizer of either Surly's semi-famous red bean hummus or a new menu item, broiled "hellfire" cheesy jalapenos (good if on the skimpy side); plus 2 cupcakes, like the Mexican-ish dark chocolate, cayenne & cinnamon winner.