OSU sinks the Navy, I sink a chicken sandwich

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I'm lucky to be able to go to all home Buckeye games, but since this blogging gig is still somewhat newly floating in my often-fractured consciousness, I forgot to bring my camera to document the closer-than-it-shoulda-been home opener. Fortunately, some more mindful camera-toting friends got a few pertinent shots (thanks D.F. & R.Z.). Check out the no-doubt scholarly kids below, who live within puking distance of the 'Shoe, and who -- right in front of battalions of cops -- dangled a questionably hygenic plastic sluicing tube over their roof in order to offer beer bongs to the desperately needy. I only wish I had a shot of the ugly post-game carnage I witnessed there on my walk home!

This Grilled Chicken sandwich ($6) is a very viable dining option for early start games that limit my opportunities for lunch (especially if I stayed up late the night before "game planning"). Sure, it's an unholy mess all loaded up like this w/ cheese, grilled peppers and onions, but it tastes good that way, plus it's fresh and certainly much healthier than most other stadium-area, portable-kitchen "crafted" concessions available to me on the run. I buy it from the friendly, hard-working folks stationed just outside The Thirsty Scholar.

Navy played hard, especially Dobbs, their undersized quarterback. I thought our oversized QB, the soon-to-be-great T.P. looked really sharp coming out of the gate, spraying the ball to WRs, backs and even tight ends! Unfortunately he cooled off, both of our lines underperformed and our only effective rushing game came via that well-run (and unexpected so often by me) option. Next week, the LBs better get their act together and if safety Anderson Russell keeps creeping up to cheat on the run, he's going to be chasing USC receivers into the end zone all night long.