Restaurant Week on the Cheap: Katzinger's Deli

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If, like me, you haven't been to Katzinger's Delicatessen in a while, Restaurant Week is just the econo-saving time to give it a chance again. Katzinger's offers the single cheapest deal amongst the 40 RW- participating restaurants during this food frenzied week o' dining out bargains: $20.09 for 2 separate 3 course meals (or $10 for dinner for 1).

Above is one of K.'s special RW sandwiches -- a fruity and unusual take on eggplant parmagiana made with tomato jam, oven-roasted eggplant and great melted fresh mozzarella cheese. Comes with choices of salads and a sweet treat (above is an OK mesclun, pear and very creamy goat cheese thing plus a gingery and cinnamony pumpkin pie-like nutty dessert).

Also quite good and also constructed with top-notch grilled bread and cheese plus another somewhat ponderous fruity-sweet (but not really cloying or annoying) touch was this turkey, gorgonzola, caramelized onion, balsamic and green-apple slice sammie. The styro-cupped salad -- which I preferred over the pear jobbie -- was a hearty black bean, red pepper and sweet potato mix (with none of the advertised candied ginger).

While the sandwiches were about equally good and equally unusual (though the turkey was probably heartier), I'd give the dessert edge to the above, which exists in a nice and rich dark-chocolate place between a brownie and a cake.

Everything in these fun & satisfying meals was (N.B. neither pictured nor eaten was K.'s 3rd main RW option of a pulled pork sandwich) carefully made with top grade ingredients and got me thinking that Katzinger's wasn't as overrated or overpriced as I might have thought, and therefore I'll probably frequent it more often. And that my friends, is what RW is all about!