RW lunch at DeepWood

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The fabulous DeepWood Restaurant reminds me of the weather: people are always talking about it, but nobody seems to do anything about it -- as in eat there! Fortunately this afternoon it had a decent crowd and my friendly server said that 'Wood was gaining attendance momentum with every new day of RW. Here's how I'd generalize my wonderful, soulful but upscale lunch: it was like country club cuisine made by a creative real-deal chef with serious French-leaning chops.

Lunch, which is 3 courses for $20.09, comes with one of 'Wood's homemade soft drinks (pictured above are the refreshingly tart lemonade and the lovely and lively Peach Fizz whipped up with house ginger beer) and baked-there bread (like the dark & cakey date and walnut and the salted lavash with fennel and sesame seeds).

Pristine salad stuff (with underused good hearts of palm but missing the menu-mentioned "hand pulled mozzarella") in a zingy and extremely unboring dressing

Tomato bisque soup: the old lunchtime favorite, as cooked by a scratch chef

Loved, loved these pork rillettes w/ grainy mustard, lightly dressed mache and properly stiff toast points (reminded me of eating in Paris!)

Like a Sunday fried chicken dinner with a degree from the Cordon Bleu ; the crackly, ungreasy, partially deboned chicken came w/ a gravy-like sauce and the the richness- slicing side dish was a mustardy al dente cold potato and haricot vert salad

Tender, juicy medium-rare-cooked steak on a sandwich w/a top-notch yeasty roll, a perky "sauce verte," white cheddar cheese and arugula; it came with fantastic shoestringy fries and a semi- brilliant homemade ketchup that managed to hold its own on the plate

Dreamy, chewy, warm and oh yeah, buttery oatmeal chocolate chip cookies sandwiching excellent homemade (I should probably just stop typing that because everything here know) vanilla ice cream