Local Love: Winter Makes Sailors

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Artist: Winter Makes Sailors Song: "Two States Away"

I've previously sung the praises of Winter Makes Sailors, the whispery folk-pop project that Sean Gardner tackles when not playing with his umpteen other Columbus acts. Today we turn the spotlight back to Winter Makes Sailors in honor of a new video for "Two States Away" created by Gardner's former Kyle Sowashes bandmate Mike Postalakis. In a post in the DoneWaiting forum, Gardner explained:

"I met Mike Postalakis a few years ago when he joined The Kyle Sowashes. I was the drummer turned keyboard/tamborine player and he played bass. He fucking loved bands from Columbus. He is a great performer and he is talented at capturing a great performance. As well as writing/recording music and short films and acting, he makes music videos.

He has made videos for Kyle Sowash (both the Sowashes and Tom Foolery and the Mistakes), Ali Zjana, Joe Anderl, The Dolby Fuckers, Blue Revision, Wussy, and Winter Makes Sailors that I know of.

Anyways, he lives in California now and I miss getting drunk with him (which often led to activities like pantsless pushups in the middle of the street) and recording spur of the minute records with him.

It took 3 years, but he finally finished a video that we made for the Winter Makes Sailors song 'Two States Away.' I think it's pretty rad and I want to share it with Donewaiting. I helped him move to California and we drove across the country playing shows for gas money. He filmed me playing a lot. Then he edited it.

I kept a journal of the trip. I posted it on my myspace page if you care.

But, enough said. Here is the new Winter Makes Sailors video 'Two States Away'."