Local Love: Househearts

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Columbus Alive

Artist: Househearts Song(s): Comfest set '83

Pat Radio and Old 3C Records dredged up a relic of Columbus music that I hadn't heard of previously. Pat Radio's Pat Leonard explains:

It's time for another Old 3C Records' blast from the past. Below is a link to a recording of Househearts' 1983 set at Comfest. Househearts featured Bob Robinson and Paul Nini, and was active in Columbus from 1982 to 1986. On this particular set John Weber is playing drums. Househearts list among their influences Television, Joy Division, Mission of Burma, and Pylon. If you like those bands, you'll love Househearts. If you're as old as me, the sound of Househearts will definitely take you back.

Download or stream the music at the Pat Radio site.