Lunch Break Links: T-Pain ditches autotune

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Columbus Alive

T-Pain's new single is autotune-free. Believe it! Sounds like he should go back to what he was doing before, though; this is dreadful.

Heather Locklear has agreed to appear on the new Melrose Place remake.

It shouldn't be a surprise that EW's highly anticipated fall albums list looks pretty different from the one at MBV.

What happens when horrorcore rappers are actually accused of murder? Ask Syko Sam.

Miracle Whip: Now for hipsters.

They also have a look back on the decade in music news.

AV Club lists 14 worthwhile TV shows about TV.

Mad Men bobbleheads? What is this world coming to?

Lily Allen and Radiohead don't see eye to eye on this whole file-sharing business.

We conclude with "It Ain't Gonna Save Me," a new video from Jay Reatard.