Nothing "Fishy" Here, What I Ate: Moshi Sushi

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Moshi Sushi, opened about 2 months, is located in the newish Bexley Gateway. My meals there, for the most part, have been starkly beautiful on the eye and on target in the mouth.

In the background is the still-foaming-with-sea mist-fresh sashimi lunch combo; in the foreground are (L to R) the Jimbo roll (unagi, asparagus, jalapeno, and daikon topped w/baked yellowtail & salmon in Thai spicy sauce); the O-H-I-O roll (avocado, cream cheese, asparagus, & sweet potato deep fried in walnut panko in sweet miso sauce). N.B.--the rather involved & ingredient dense descriptions of the specialty rolls are taken straight from Moshi's menu

By far the best deal here--the variegated and fun to munch on Moshi Lunch Platter, available weekdays from 11:30am-2:00pm. Read my full review in tomorrow's Alive