Graffiti Burgers, Shakes, & Brain Shivers

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Graffiti Burger just opened its 2nd shop--this one's in Grandview.

The scarlet & grey exterior-painted restaurant embraces its Buckeye-loving UA & Grandview neighborhood with its sure-handed graffiti art.

The juicy/greasy (there is little difference when it comes to hamburgers), loaded with good slaw and tartar sauce G-burgers (which come on locally baked Auddino buns), crispy, hand-cut fries & real deal milkshakes all taste how fast food was meant to taste back when it was invented during those long gone "Happy Days." Read more about the new Graffiti Burger shop in the next Alive.

Later that day, I went to the Wexner Center to see the highly entertaining "Who Do You Think You Are" experimental theatre piece by the always-provacative SITI group led by Anne Bogart, one of (if not the most) important women in the world of avant-garde theatre. Delving into and using the discoveries of neuroscience to comment on our sense of "self" and how it views/reacts with other "selves," it was a wild & superfun ride. I loved how the actors portrayed the subconscious mind taking the place of the conscious mind, spoke aloud the subtext as if were the text , all in a series of violent and sex-fraught, near psychedelic, highly physically stylized outbreaks. These kinds of in-your-face theatre works certainly aren't for everyone, but they are most certainly for me.