Big Night: Alana's Farm to Table Local Matters week Dinner

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Local Matters Farm-to-Table dinner Monday night at Alana's was, in the words of that dirty old man named David Letterman, "more fun than humans should be allowed to have." The wine and "localicious" conversation were flowing freely, and so was I! And the parade of all locally sourced dishes was a glory to behold and devour--and came in non-stop rotations of family styled platters. In fact the good will spun out that lovely evening was enough to make a curmudgeon turn over a new, locally sourced leaf. If you missed it, well too bad for you, but here's a little taste:

Cheese (really good, w/ an iota of wildness) from Canal Junction Creamery in Alana's hometown and grapes from "The Orchard"

Loved, loved, loved this symphony in red salad of a ruby beet (Integrated Acres) and apple strands (Wayward Seed) with black walnuts (The Orchard)

If this rockin' flaky, savory and sweet Moroccan-style pastry were to ask me "What's up, doc?" I'd answer "you are, you cinamonny, little, bunny-filled delectable." (Flint Ridge, Merle)

I ate about 27 of these quiche-like warm tartlettes with a wonderfully crispy crust, rich oniony filling & a sexy, peppery chiffonade of arugula (Elizabeth Telling, Wayward Seed, Merle)

Delicate little dumplings with a soupy broth and homemede kimchi (Blues Creek Farm, Elizabeth Telling)

Autumn coalesced in one of Alana's famous risottos--this one was enriched with Burr Oak cheese, smoky with Wayward Jowl bacon and studded with chunks of pumpkin meat & strips of Dragon kale (Elizabeth Telling). It was creamy, colorful & complex w/ sweet & bitter notes tied together by richness-- an absolute knockout!!

My boat was floated and my goat was got with this stunner of a pasta dish-- pulled strands of mild Blues Creek Goat Burgundy with Fruit of the Moon Shiitakes and Oricchiette.

Only a special dessert from Jeni's could cap off this unforgetable celebration of the Ohio Harvest--Pawpaw ice cream (banana-y), with addictive caramel sauce and a nutty waffle cone I'm still thinking about