Lunch Break Links: Zombieland suicide

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Columbus Alive

How's this for sobering news? A 21-year-old war veteran committed suicide at a Muncie, Ind., screening of Zombieland. (via AV Club)

Warning: Nothing else after this point will be nearly as weighty. Prepare for cognitive dissonance.

That new Michael Jackson song ain't so new after all.

NBC's recently canceled Southland could be getting new life on TNT.

The Playlist rattles off "The New Auteurs: 7 Directors Breaking Through in 2009."

They also wonder: Will these guys ever win Oscars?

Matt Groening will curate an edition of the super-hip All Tomorrow's Parties festival.

Pitchfork did one of its cool 5-10-15-20 features with Basement Jaxx.

The Quietus talked to Bob Nastanovich about the Pavement reunion.

I'd be into a Danny Boyle-Ryan Gosling mountain climbing movie.

The Washington Post points out the blogosphere's ultra-quick hype cycle. Wavves: "There was no time for me to suck in basements."

The cast of Glee might go on tour.

This is a pretty good approximation of what a Seinfeld scene about Twitter might have played out.

Finally, with this performance of "Girlfriend" from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Phoenix has now played every American late-night show this year, "Except Carson Daly, but he doesn't really count." Anyway, this might be the best song on their record. I rocked it out ceaselessly last spring. Listen away!