Lunch Break Links: Sonic Youth on Gossip Girl

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Columbus Alive

Embedded above is Sonic Youth's appearance on this week's episode of Gossip Girl. How strange is that? Pitchfork and Videogum offer commentary.

Rihanna has a secret project in the works for Monday, Nov. 23.

Wilco, Broken Social Scene and Sun Kil Moon are among the acts slated to play the Winter Olympics next year in Canada.

Believe it or not, NCIS is TV's top-rated show.

Slash's solo album features quite the bizarre lineup of guest stars.

This week's Mad Men was co-written by Kater Gordon, the Emmy-winning writer who got kicked to the curb earlier this week.

Apparently season 2 of Southland was going to get off to a very dark start.

Kings of Leon's Jared Followhill: "If I wasn't involved, I couldn't imagine liking us." (via The Daily Swarm)

Heart on a Stick put together a two-part guide to all these "Whale" bands on the rise. (Forget about Bear, Crystal, Wolf, Black, etc.) I still want to start a band called Crystal Wolf. Or Wolf Crystal.

Slate tries to concoct a standardized theory on NPR's taste in black music.

A non-bloody version of the "TruBlood" drink from True Blood is now available for sale.

R.I.P. Los Angeles punk luminary Brendan Mullen.

We finish with Kurt Vile's new video for "Freak Train." As Ozzy might say, "All aboard!"