Lunch Break Links: Where the Wild Things Are, Tracy Morgan, Sufjan

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Columbus Alive

AV Club had a roundtable with the key players from Where the Wild Things Are, including Spike Jonze, Dave Eggers, Catherine Keener and Max Records.

Tracy Morgan ripped two former SNL castmates in his new book.

Sufjan Stevens is having a creative crisis.

William H. Macy is the latest actor to sign on for a Showtime series.

How could SNL possibly put a new spin on the Taylor Swift incident when she hosts?

Anybody want a Dr. Dre-endorsed laptop? Could be the key to crafting those sick beats you've always dreamed of.

Johnny Marr talked to Pitchfork about joining The Cribs, his latest dalliance with a band he probably influenced somewhere along the way.

California passed a new plastic surgery law inspired by the death of Kanye West's mom.

Bruce Springsteen's new song is narrated by a football stadium?

We wrap up with The Flaming Lips performing "Watching the Planets" on Conan.