Dining By Design 2009

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last Friday night's Dining By Design at Vet's Memorial was a style-heavy cocktail party to raise money for local AIDS charities Pater Noster House and Nationwide Children's Hospital FACES. The next evening, even more generous patrons actually got to dine on these elaborate "tablescapes."

This guy performed wild Cirque du Soleil- like gymnastics in a shiny silver body suit equipped with a zip-locked face mask.

The always clever Alana provided these delicious & easy-to-eat while walking and gawking Thai -style noodles

Like Alana's, Barcelona's spread was pretty substantial. Especially popular were the tuna-stuffed piquillo peppers

G. Michael's porky chips (bottom) were one of my favorite little snacks of the night.

One of the event's main sponsors was Stolichnaya vodka, and the company was highlighting its super-smooth, multiply distilled (and pricey, I hear) "Elit" label. This is Stoli's all-white, glassware-covered table.

The Capital Style table featured three live female mannequins.

Diamond Cellar's table fittingly shimmered in silver and glass.

Designer Doug Wilson (of Trading Spaces fame) created the Dispatch table, making good use of old newspapers.

I found this "social media" table interesting. Apparently it's possible for you to never have to stop looking at your computer monitor, even while fine dining.

Here are a few more highlights: