Local Love: New World Vultures

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: New World Vultures Song: "Pleasure Without Work"

New World Vultures are a Cafe Bourbon Street band through and through, sounding like a mix between the bombastic psych-punk jams of Outer Spacist, whose frontman "D'artagnon Jones Kletting Salt" appears to man the keyboards, and the off-kilter deadpan stomp of Guinea Worms, who these guys obviously (and rightfully) worship. "Pleasure Without Work," one of the live tracks available at MySpace, bursts forth with staccato blasts and bellowed rants, does its business and gets out quick, leaving the listener riled up and reeling. Seems like seeing them Wednesday on their home turf would be a smart move, especially considering Shin Tower Music, Talk Normal and Jam Division are also on the bill.