Lunch Break Links: Paste weighs in on the Oughts

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Paste's list of the top 50 albums of the decade is predictably white and indie, but who am I kidding? My list will probably end up that way too. (Except mine will include Clipse. You Pasties are ignoring the rap album of the decade!) But really, Avett Brothers in the top 10? Elephant and not White Blood Cells? And Sufjan gets No. 1 for his jump-the-shark record.

Julian Casablancas, Slayer, Cold Cave, Foo Fighters and more have new albums streaming at Spinner this week.

Hulk Hogan has pursued gigs playing bass with Metallica and The Rolling Stones. (via Idolator)

Vanity Fair has an interview with record exec Clive Davis. (via The Daily Swarm)

A new Spoon album is coming soon.

Pitchfork has an interview with Brian Eno.

The stars of Glee are already working on solo albums.

Mad Men's January Jones is among the upcoming hosts of Saturday Night Live.

AV Club's latest Random Roles feature centers on Penelope Ann Miller.

Idolator explains what an anomaly Owl City is at the top of the singles chart.

Slate explains how to keep your computer and cell phone batteries juiced up.

Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live segment: "Ghost Stories with Ghostface Killah."

I wanna take a college course about The Wire!

We conclude with a new video from JEFF The Brotherhood called "U Got the Look."