Lunch Break Links: Weezer + Kenny G?

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Columbus Alive

Weezer's weird string of collaborations has reached a new nadir: Watch them rock out with Kenny G above on a halfway decent song called "I'm Your Daddy," then click to Pitchfork or AOL to see other sessions featuring Chamillionaire and Sara Bareilles.

Adrian Pasdar got quite the unpleasant ouster from Heroes.

Hot Chip have a new album in the pipeline.

Slate has an intriguing feature on Ayn Rand.

They also had a lot of fun finding out what dumb people are searching for on Google.

AV Club has an interview with Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt...

...and another with actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, who just made an album with Beck (wanna hear one of the songs?) and starred in Lars von Trier's super-controversial Antichrist.

PopWatch has an interview with Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost), whose new series V premieres tonight at 8 on ABC. (Here's my review.) Oh, and here's another that is somewhat spoiler-y.

Slayer's Tom Araya has back problems "thought to be related to his on-stage activity.”

Lastly, live video of Vampire Weekend performing a new song called "California English."