Lunch Break Links: Internet about to explode?

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Columbus Alive

Is new legislation about to make the internet as we know it go kaput?

Somehow I missed this last month: Chicken Soup for the Soul is coming out with a music-themed edition featuring acts like Kanye West and Melissa Etheridge plumbing the depths of their lyrical insights for your inspiration. EW has Kanye's excerpt about "Welcome to Heartbreak," and it's pretty damn trite.

AV Club interviews the amazing Jim O'Rourke.

Heard about Owl City? Even the dude himself knows he is ripping off The Postal Service.

Slate weighs in on "the weirdest thing about Cookie Monster" and wonders if pop music is stealing all its best ideas from hipsters. (Probably... it's only been happening since the beginning of time.)

Speaking of Twilight, might as well post EW's roundtable interview with the movie's stars.

I am very afraid of the sitcoms that are coming to CMT.

Strange Reaction lists the top 10 punk clubs.

Paste's decade in review feature even covers the 20 greatest video games. I'm no gamer, but how can Halo not be No. 1?

Dr. Drew actually saved some kid's life on the spot at a high school football game the other day.

We close with Clipse's video for the "I'm Good" remix featuring Rick Ross.