Lunch Break Links: Quitters and cancellations

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Columbus Alive

Fox canceled Dollhouse, the poorly rated but enthusiastically followed drama from Buffy mastermind Joss Whedon.

Lou Dobbs announced he is leaving CNN.

And a member of British buzz band The xx quit the band.

The Daily Swarm has some dirt on the folks who replaced Maura Johnston at Idolator.

They also have a great interview with Steve Albini.

The Flaming Lips made a very naked, very NSFW music video.

Slate's incredible tech columnist Farhad Manjoo explains how the response to the impending computer doom of Y2K shaped technology for years to come.

The site also wrote on funny things rappers do with their hands.

Could The Who be playing halftime at the Super Bowl?

We wrap with Patrick Wolf's video for "Damaris."