Local Love: Day Creeper

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Day Creeper Song: "Day Creep Theme Pt. 2"

Day Creeper has been compared to lots of great rock bands from the 60s up to the oughts, but until today I never noticed how much Aaron Troyer sounds like Julian Casablancas rocking with a more rudimentary version of the Strokes. Coming on the heels of Casablancas' frustratingly glossy solo debut Phrazes for the Young, hearing Troyer's fuzzy grunt-shouts and offhanded quips is a fond reminder of good old Julian belting out the gloriously strained "Yes I'm leeeeavin!" bit from "New York City Cops." And that simple two-chord guitar ditty that kicks off the track? Pure Valensi. (Or is that Hammond, Jr? I never quite sussed out who played what.) Anyhow, this crew will be opening for Cheater Slicks and Reigning Sound around 9 p.m. Tuesday at The Summit, 2210 Summit St. Check the ol' preview for more on thee headliners.