A Morning with Anthony Bourdain

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

An Evening with Anthony Bourdain will be this Saturday night at the Palace, but I called him on the telephone early one morning last week for an interview. He was great--never imposing a time limit, answering every silly question that popped into my head and in general just having a good time joking around. Some of that interview will be in tomorrow's Alive, but since we talked for more than a half hour and not all of would fit in, I thought I'd post a few of his observations here over the next couple of days.

What's your favorite restaurant in America? It depends...I guess it's the restaurant that I need to be eating in right now--there's a lot of important restaurants out there. But I'm pretty happy eating at Momofuku Ssam, Le Bernardin I love, Barney Greengrass, Salumi in Chicago. There are a lot of places that I really love...you know when I need a pastrami sandwich, I need Katz's and nothing else will do.