Local Love: Sinatra and Searius Add

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artists: Sinatra and Searius Add Song: "I'm Winning"

"Sinat on the beat," goes the introduction to this track from Smart is the New Gangsta, the latest release from Searius Add. The bespectacled, dreadlock-rocking MC turned to his friend Sinatra to produce most of the music on the album, continuing the fruitful partnership they struck up two years ago.

Sinatra, who just released his own latest offering, Executive Gangster, did fine work on "I'm Winning." He builds and builds around a tense interlude from a smoky old soul song until the strings, synths and drums overwhelm the source material. As for Searius, he sounds casually in control throughout. He breaks out of his easy glide with a smartly timed exclamation on the "multiple sclerosis" line but mostly just rides the beat with down-to-earth consistency. Listen at MySpace.

The duo, who will drop new releases tonight at Skully's, 1151 N. High St., hope to take their show on the road together next year, when both will be promoting follow-up albums that are already in the can. Read more about it in my feature from last week's paper.