Lunch Break Links: AV Club & eMusic rank the decade's best

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

AV Club is the latest site to weigh in on the best music of the decade. Somewhat surprisingly, The White Stripes' White Blood Cells tops their list.

Also, eMusic is in the process of unveiling one of the more pleasantly unpredictable entries in the decade-end list parade.

Check out this poster for the final season of Lost. Pretty much everyone who's ever been on the show is on there. Sufficiently psyched.

Whoa, Michael from The Wire is dating Rihanna?

Aaron Sorkin is making yet another TV show about a TV show.

Slate introduces us to "the town that always plays Small Town, U.S.A."

Tyra Banks loves Curb Your Enthusiasm and has a crush on Larry David.

The Daily Swarm examines how artists get headlines by talking smack about Radiohead.

Speaking of which: According to Pitchfork, Beck's new song about Harry Partch, which may or may not be a response to Fiery Furnaces dissing Radiohead (long story), is "ten-and-a-half minutes of pure insanity."

Speaking of Beck, we finish with the latest video from his collaboration with Charlotte Gainesbourg, "Heaven Can Wait."