More of my interview with Anthony Bourdain

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Columbus Alive

While answering my question who Bourdain thought was the most overrated chef in America, Bourdain began to talk a lot about his friend and superstar chef David Chang of Momofuku fame. Here's a taste:

A.B. : David Chang would probably tell you he's the most overrated chef in America. In a lot of ways everything they say about David Chang is true--he's the most important chef in America, he's the most overrated chef in America, his restaurant is one of the most exciting places to eat in America. What does overrated really mean? David is painfully aware of how relatively little time he spent in the old French system and how fast things happened for him. What's really cool about David is that whether he likes it or not, he's really tapped into something. He's attracted a lot of really talented people; he's had a number of really great ideas; he's a really smart, talented it or not, he's at the center of the world. He is running one of the most important restaurants in America. I love eating at his places--they're the places where every chef wants to eat, and the way every chef wants to eat. Maybe the most overrated chef is the guy who I'm thinking about the most that day.