What To Do Thursday: Beaten Awake, Jucifer, Cave

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

"Can you dig it?" are the first words on Beaten Awake's sophomore album and Fat Possum debut, Thunder$troke. And, sure as Q-Tip can kick it, yes I can. The Kent quartet has suffered a lineup shakeup since 2006's Let's Get Simplified, but the stylistic changes on this record can't be chalked up to Joel McAdams' departure; he didn't split until after they made this music. No, these tunes — sprightly, rigid and keyboard-heavy selections that bring the first record's late-night ruminations to the spotlight of center stage — are the product of natural artistic progression.

That more physical brand of progression (sometimes known as "touring") brings them to Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., to play a free show tonight with monolithic sound marauders Brainbow and folk-rock combo Old Hundred, whose new three-song EP I'll heap praise on soon. Awesome lineup. 10 p.m. start.

Two more concerts of note, especially for fans of loud, loud noises:

Jucifer is arriving direct from hell to play The Summit, 2210 Summit St., with Rue, Tank Destroyer and Do Chimps Battle? This begins at 9:30 p.m. sharp and costs $10.

And Cave, a Chicago krautrock band that sounds like they rule hard (and fast), will play at Oldfield's on High, 2590 N. High St., with highly unlikely Oldfield's performers Psychedelic Horseshit and Sword Heaven. 10 p.m., $5.