Lunch Break Links: John Mayer could be so much better

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Slate wonders why John Mayer doesn't inject his sense of humor into his music more often.

Oprah Winfrey will leave network TV in 2011 to focus on running OWN, her new cable network.

Lost will move to Tuesdays for its final season and will premiere on Groundhog Day.

Actor/comedian Jason Segel joined The Swell Season on stage for a very personal number.

Morrissey and fans aren't getting along so well these days.

Nor does Jim DeRogatis have much love for Pixies' Doolittle tour.

EW offers 10 ways to fix Saturday Night Live.

Speaking of not funny, Newsweek lists the 12 worst comedians.

We end with Califone's incredible video for the wondrous "Funeral Singers."