Local Love: The Alphabet

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: The Alphabet Song: "Prosthetic Face"

The lyrics here are way too on the nose — pun intended — and the video is kind of silly and a little bit "high school A/V Club." (Digging those marker doodles, though. Very "UPS commercial," and I mean that in a good way.) Musically, however, this is pretty unusual. Imagine Joanna Newsom's fairy croak robbed of its ren-fair harp, replaced with Laura Viers' metropolitan pop sensibilities (or is that Lisa Loeb's metropolitan pop sensibilities?) and infused with faint traces of electronic beats and turntable work. The band plays Saturday at Vic's, 251 W. 5th Ave., alongside Jonathan Hape and Creatures, a new-ish band featuring Couch Forts' Owen Kelley.