Lunch Break Links: Muse, Lambert and other less flamboyant performers

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Columbus Alive

Hold your horses, Pavement fans: The latest rumors suggest Muse will headline Coachella.

Apparently Adam Lambert did something shocking at the American Music Awards last night. One EW writer loved it; another, not so much.

Lambert also did a song with Weezer's Rivers Cuomo.

50 Cent: Now feuding with disgraced/redeemed sportscaster Marv Albert? Cue Albert voice: "YES!"

Has Twilight made goth fashion mainstream?

Umm, I promise this isn't pornography: Hayden Panettiere bathing in champagne?

Tina Fey is the latest NBC star to mock the network's recent lack of success.

AV Club counts down the decade's best video games.

Pitchfork talked to actor-comedian Aziz Ansari about the music that defined various points in his life.

Salon thinks Lifetime killed this season of Project Runway.

Vampire Weekend's "Cousins" video is our closing platter for today.