Mazah Mediterranean: Are You Experienced?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Mazah is an Arabic word--obviously related to the Greek "mezze"-- that refers to dips, olives and other tart, creamy, pickly and tapas-y in general snacks that can open or serve as a meal. In Grandview, Mazah refers to one of the oddest dining experiences in town. Don't get me wrong, the food has been really, really's just that for the time being, (through November, I think) Mazah is not totally operating with a menu. This means food you may or may not be in the mood to eat might simply be brought out to you; and you may or may not ask for something in particular and may or may not be left coveting the wonderful soup whisked out to a neighboring table but not offered to you. For me, that translates to fun, but it won't for everyone.

BTW, the Mazah people come with a thoroughbred pedigree as they are related to the family that ran the late, great and pioneering Sinbad's, which closed in the '90s and if it wasn't the first Middle-Eastern eatery in Columbus, it was the first one I knew about.

BTW again, the super friendly "Sinbad" family also opened and ran the city's premiere Middle Eastern specialty grocery out of their little restaurant (at High and Duncan, where Cluck-U now is) and they opened the excellent shop now known as Mediterranean Food Imports, next to Sage American Bistro.

Above are the dee-licious plates (hummus, baba, really great roasted eggplant, etc and lemon-marinated grilled chicken on terrific rice) semi-recently set before me. Check Mazah out--I can vouch for the food and friendliness, but not the quality of your dining "experience": so if you go, go with an open mind... and expect a real review once things stabilize there.