Lunch Break Links: LCD + Baumbach + Stiller

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Columbus Alive

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy did the score for Greenberg, the new movie from Noah Baumbach (Kicking and Screaming, The Squid and the Whale) starring Ben Stiller. Watch the trailer above.

Meanwhile, Baumbach's pal Wes Anderson talked to AV Club.

And speaking of Anderson, Slate wonders what author Roald Dahl would think of his new adaptation of Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox.

So when they say Flash Forward "shut down production," they mean the show just went on Thanksgiving vacation?

More decade lists: Paste counts down the top movie scenes and AV Club remembers the best in metal. talked to Panda Bear about Animal Collective and his next solo album.

Regis Philbin is taking a leave of absence.

In other daytime TV news, will Oprah become as obscure as Howard Stern by switching to cable?

Remember MC Paul Barman? Apparently he's working on a new album with the help of film director Michel Gondry. Strange.

Lastly, here's Polvo's video for "Right the Relation."