Lunch Break Links: Pavement, Lost, Jersey Cera

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Columbus Alive

Pavement is releasing a best-of compilation to coincide with their reunion tour.

Only four weeks until Lost's final season premieres! Bide your time with the latest column from Doc Jensen.

Wanna see Michael Cera with a Jersey Shore makeover courtesy of Pauly D?

Google wants to help the purportedly awesome online music service Spotify come stateside.

A producer was booted off The Bachelor for sleeping with one of the contestants.

Somehow this couch potato world record doesn't seem that impressive.

Method Man is set to teach his secrets for success — and tax evasion? — at The Learning Annex.

AV Club talked to Dave Eggers regarding his favorite things about newspapers.

Michael Stipe turned 50 years old yesterday.

Pablo Schreiber, the dude who played Nicky Sobotka on The Wire, will appear on FX's new boxing drama Lights Out.

We finish with the video for Big Boi's superb "Shine Blockas," featuring Gucci Mane.