What I Ate: New Year's Eve

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Restaurant Silla in the Reed and Henderson area (same mall-let as Fresh Market & an old Sears) is one of my fave Korean haunts and where I've spent quite a few New Year's Eves lately. Why? Well, because Silla's food is terrific, its after 9 p.m. karaoke programming and menu malapropisms provide plenty of built-in surreal entertainment, you never need a reservation to eat there, and I absolutely hate trying too hard to have a good time on a wholly arbitrarily chosen night. At Silla, having a good time is effortless--and cheap--even if you drink like me (which you probably don't)!

Pictured from top to bottom: Dol sot bibimbap (a massively tricked-out rice dish served in a sizzling hot stone pot that seductively crisps up the rice; call it an entry level, easy-to-love Korean special); Dae gu gi gae (love, love, love this spicy codfish and tofu stew that comes with its own "gas burner"); and the aftermath of a slurp, laugh and banchan (a profusion of racy little side dishes) filled evening.

BTW, that Xmas tree-looking centerpiece was, I sh-- you not, a hat which one of my dining partners traipsed into the restaurant actually wearing. Needless to say, that "hat" was later passed around the table and eventually worn by most everyone there.

Later on that night, there was much idiotic and way too long-lasting revelry that would be sorely regretted the next day! But at the time...