H-E-Double Hockeysticks, not another Blue Jackets loss

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

This is the view I was lucky enough to have at a super-fun CBJ game Saturday night. Unfortunately, it also meant that I was close enough for a vivid view of yet another fatal blow dealt the team, even though they outplayed the powerful Colorado Avalanche for the better part of 3 periods. That night, the Jackets' swoon came dramatically with under a minute to go. Oh well, the tickets were a gift, and the upbeat, high-pitched fans all around me didn't seem to be down on the team. Like I said, a ton of fun.

Going to a hockey game always brings up how several aspects of this endlessly energetic and fast-paced game remain a mystery to me. Such as: given the velocity and violence of the sport and the American popular taste for such things, why isn't hockey more widely embraced here? If it's because the American taste for accumulation isn't satisfied, then why not make single goals worth 6 points like in football (with say a point-after-goal shot from center ice)? And whaddup with Stinger? Surely the kind of mascot only a committee could've come up with, he/she looks like the chimerical mutant brought about from the mingling of a Union soldier, a wasp and an enraged Kermit the Frog.