Throwback Thread: Premonition

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Very deep cuts (gashes? puncture wounds?) pepper The Real Sound of Chicago: Underground Disco from the Windy City, a must-have collection for any fan of oddball '70s music. (It comes out Jan. 26. I'll probably ask for it next Christmas.)

Premonition's cut, "Your Love Is in the Pocket," starts off the record, and it sets the tone for music that used many disco stylings but refused to be completely bound by the genre's strict, feel-good politics. In the saccharine world of the mid-'70s dance floor -- hum "How Deep Is Your Love" to get a sense of what was going on -- this song is a marked step out of the box.

Some of the tracks stayed underground for a reason. Still, Real Sound paints an interesting picture of a scene that made great dance music that also could be enjoyed sober, at home, alone.

(For a similar picture of New York's avant-disco movement, I'd recommend Journey into Paradise: The Larry Levan Story.)